“BAWA is good because they have proven to really help the street dogs. They don’t differentiate between full breed dogs and the Bali dogs, and their contribution to the welfare of the Bali street dogs is obvious.”

Jerinx from the band Superman is Dead

Click here to see a full video testimonial from Jerinx.


“In the process of educating the people of Bali on the plight of its street dogs BAWA has also happily learned of the strong support of the Balinese community for their work.”

“Since its establishment nearly a decade ago, BAWA has made tremendous strides in improving the lot of Bali’s dogs and other pets. It has launched educational programs in local communities and schools; provided free clinics for pets;  established a 24-hour animal ambulance service; created an effective adoption program for stray or unwanted animals; and played a front-line role in the critically important battle against rabies now underway in Bali.”

John Daniels of Bali Update (in a letter to Governor Pastika)


“I did some research and made contact with BAWA, the animal charity in Bali who I felt has the most varied and effective programs for animals, and who had effected the most change. Just like our pets at home, Bali animals deserve to be loved, cared for and nourished. Yet thousands of street dogs, cats and other domestic animals in Bali endure starvation, disease and neglect. Left unattended these animals suffer enormously.”

Photographer and HeARTs Speak member, Alex Cearns


The Joy of Fostering – What Our Foster Carers Say

FOSTERING for BAWA was a great experience for me. It allowed me to see a side of Bali that I would not have seen if I’d only done the usual traveller outings.  Fostering gave me a chance to interact with BAWA employees and volunteers and have a connection to the local community.

I fostered two kittens for BAWA while I was staying in Ubud.  BAWA is very organised and helped me every step of the way.  They provided me with all food and supplies and they checked in on me to make sure everything was going okay.  They were responsive when I had questions or needed anything which made the experience much easier and an absolute pleasure.

Giving up a foster animal is always a little hard,but knowing that I got to be a part of the team that is helping to give these two kittens their “forever homes” made any sadness completely worthwhile. And it frees me up to foster another animal and help save another life.

I will return to Bali later this year and will definitely contact the BAWA team to see if I can foster again.

— Amy Freidinger, May 2014


It’s Great to Join Up with BAWA – What Our Volunteers Say

FEEDING the street dogs on the outskirts of Ubud with BAWA was an experience of a lifetime.  I rented a scooter and met up with Adi outside of town.  Adi drives a scooter with a bin of dog food strapped to the back and we drove around through rice fields and other really beautiful landscapes to find dogs that needed a good meal. They seemed to know the sound of his horn and came running!

We focused on mothers, puppies and sick and skinny dogs.  Adi educated me and told me that if BAWA can help keep dogs healthy and looking good they are more likely to be claimed as a family’s dog versus just being a homeless street animal.

I met dogs that received medicine routinely from BAWA during the street feeding trips.  By being out in residential areas to do the feeding, we could monitor dogs that would have gone untreated if it wasn’t for BAWA. They have no-one to take them to a clinic.

Getting to see the beautiful countryside of Bali and being able to help feed the street dogs is something that  I will never forget and I am grateful to BAWA for letting me be a part of the amazing work that they are doing for the animals of Bali!

— Amy Freidinger, 2014



I have volunteered at BAWA for the past two years and have witnessed first hand the amazing work of the association.
Janice Girardi is the inspirational American who founded and runs the not for profit. She continues to do incredible work to keep rabies in Bali under control, to educate children through school programs so animal welfare is understood and practiced, and to campaign to improve animal welfare through the political system.
Many  visitors to Bali witness the sometimes terrible conditions of animals and wish to help. It was during a holiday to Bali that I encountered animals kept in terrible conditions and first learned about BAWA.Within hours BAWA had sent an ambulance (the island’s only 24/7 animal response) and staff to investigate.BAWA relies heavily on donations to stay afloat and continue to educate, improve and keep Bali safe for tourists. I managed to raise $1000 this year and also delivered veterinary items, dog food, collars, leashes, toys and blankets.  You will find BAWA’s current Wish List on this site.

Volunteers vaccinated against rabies may be able to help walk and socialise rescued animals to build their confidence and trust in humans.  This is vital to prepare the beautiful animals for adoption in loving homes. It may be possible to help with street feeding of hundreds of dogs and cats a day. Neo-natal feeding and fostering of kittens and puppies is always needed.
Volunteering at BAWA is incredibly rewarding and full of love and tangible results. Be warned: you will fall in love with the animals and BAWA and find it difficult to leave.
Yes, the work can be hard and tiring but each time I leave I am already plotting how soon I can return

– Catherine Woulfe

Repeat BAWA Volunteer

I fostered a sweet little kitten for BAWA for about six weeks. I love
animals, I always have, and when I saw the stray cats in Bali I
decided I wanted to help. A long term commitment wasn’t possible since
I was just a tourist. Fostering a kitten and giving
her a great start in life was the solution.I never thought I would fall in love with this little creature so
quickly. Seeing my foster kitten Naomi changing from a too skinny
little girl with frail long legs into a healthy, playful and lovely
young lady was a very rewarding experience.Giving her up for adoption after those 6 weeks was the hardest part,
but the love we shared will never be forgotten.

– Jessica Moens

Repeat BAWA Volunteer

Hi meet Blackie, an adorable stray (kampong dog) from Bali.

He is furless due to parasites that causes skin desease; Demodex. According to BAWA’s (Bali Animal Welfare Association) volunteer,it is genetic and will not spread to other animal or human.

The previous owner locked Blackie and 2 other dogs to guard his empty land filled with some trees he planted.He gave them no food and left them to fend for themselves in a confined space. A friendly neighbour will sometimes give leftovers to them. Now that the land is sold, the dogs has no where to go. Their home was taken.

The female one was hit by a car and died, another one was adopted. Now just left blackie, all alone roaming around in front of his-used-to-be-home. Watching construction workers building houses on his home.

I contacted BAWA’s 24 hour ambulance and within 2 days, volunteers came to give him rabies vaccination,deworm tablet.They are truly devoted, they have come every week to give doses of medicine to cure Demodex, dog collar and more medicine.

I’m moved by their unwavering,undying devotion with genuine efforts and especially impressed by their efficiency in carrying out rescue.

Right now Blackie is being fed food and medicine by my family and my good neighbour. After 3 weeks, he has grown some fur on his back and he got plumper and happier each day!

Strays in Bali relies heavily in organisation such as BAWA and the goodwill of the people is the only one that keeps this organisation running.
I would encourage people to donate to their website ( http://bawabali.com/ )

And like their fb page, although all in bahasa Indonesia haha..( https://www.facebook.com/bawabali )

I am not a volunteer or in any direct association with BAWA; Just a civillian who strongly believe in their cause.

They have been proven to be honest and have really done alot for dogs in my community. My family has been donating to BAWA ever since they took care of Blackie.

Its completely ok if you dont donate, but sharing is caring! Spread the word, you might make a difference in a dog’s life! :))

-Honey Tong 


Dear BAWA,
I am honoured and gratefull to be able to support you. Thank you so much for doing this wonderful work. You are stars, shinging a bright light to all in need.
Love you dearly

-Judith Maesen


Other Endorsements:

BAWA is one of the best things in Bali. It’s certainly the best and most worthwhile organization I saw in 7 years of living here.  Pierre-Emmanuel Levesque

You, JANICE GIRARDI, have CHANGED THE TIDE on the futures of these beautiful animals, not to mention the fact that you are CHANGING THE HEARTS of the Balinese people. CONGRATULATIONS on an INCREDIBLE FEAT… done by a TRULY INCREDIBLE LADY! Sending MUCH love and GREAT ADMIRATION to YOU and your staff! XOXO – Jeanine Lanros Sumption

Keep up the wonderful work please, Course if if everyone sees the care your doing they will follow you !!!! Just have Hope !!!! – Kerry Woodley

You’re doing a great job wonderful people with big hearts !! – Heather Krisdyanto

Bali dogs are so handsome. I find it hard to empathize with people wanting to pay millions for an exotic breed when there are such fantastic local dogs. Chris Hazzard

Thanks for all your comments, animals all over the planet need charities and caring people like the BAWA guys, to try and end animal suffering,if I inspire one other person to do the same it would be great. – Ali Malli

U guys doing amazing work!!! Thank u so much for not giving up and for helping so many dogs to survive!!! – Daniela Pinther

Thankyou so much BAWA you all are sent straight from heaven Bagus Kresna Cakra Wibawa

Thank you very much for having me, I loved every minute and do hope to be back at some point, keep up the fantastic work xx – Laura Bairstow (BAWA Volunteer)

Well done Janice it makes me so proud to be human when I see things like this, we human destroy so much other life..keep up the good work. Karen Carter

Beautiful , one day you will get back all the that you give to these animals …thank you to all BAWA from Marbella Spain xxxxFrancoise Botrel

I’ve only been back 24 hours from Bali. I am going to offer my monthly support. BAWA really does make a difference to the lives of dogs in Bali. Thank you sooo much Janis and all volunteers xo – Pamela Adams

Such amazing work you do to help these sad creatures! I support you! XX – Ingrid von Seggern

These dogs are so lucky to have amazing people like you guys. Keep up the amazing work for these beautiful doggies Sheree Schirk

BAWA is an inspiration, along with the the Balinese, ready to consider other ways of thinking about this issue… The respect Bawa shows to the Balinese people is something that I respect as much as the amazing work they do with animal welfare. Jo Masters

I’m so glad bawa is here.well done for all your hard work .I found out about bawa on my last trip to Bali and register ed with them . Donating as much as I could as well .food toys etc.you will always have my support and will be back to help when I can xxxxx great work guys!!! Leah Smith

Your work is beautiful. All of you be blessed. Cheers from an animal lover in Paris, France. – Francoise de Filippis

I am in awe of the work you do, and if I ever come to Bali, it will only to be with you wonderful people, and beautiful animals. Keep up the amazing work yo do! xox Kim Edwards

Balinese people are my favourite folks on this earth. And then there’s you people who are even more special. Thank you and whatever Heaven is, you’ll be there for sure. – Linda Rose Johnson

Having worked with this team, I know how hard they work. THANK YOU and all the other staff and volunteers….a place going from strength to strength. – Jen O’Dwyer

Thank you for all that you do!! it is so needed there!!! I remember being so shocked with the street animal conditions….love you guys!!! – Sophie Terrillon Webster

BAWA is truly wonderful and hats off to you for doing what you do  will always be an avid supporter! – Michelle Cottam

Thank you for the very special loving service ….was beautiful to know so much more about the dogs…– Awa Hoshi Kavan

We are so happy to help your fantastic work and raise awareness for BAWA. We miss you guys xxx – Debora Brown (Houndstooth Studio)