Posted on June 13, 2019


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The month of May 2019, called for celebration as BAWA’s education team not only reached but exceeded their target for the 2018 to 2019 academic year. This means that since July 2018, more than 100,000 public school students aged from seven to twelve have learnt how to love and care for dogs, and how to keep themselves and their communities safer from dog bites and the spread of rabies in our informative, interactive and fun lessons. These students are our future, and we believe education is the only way to improve things long-term for dogs and communities in Bali. We were delighted to have our sponsoring team from Dogs Trust Worldwide in Bali to help us celebrate, hear about our experiences and share their expertise. It was a fantastic opportunity to all get-together and thank Dogs Trust for making this program possible for the second year running. We would also like to thank the local Government in Badung and Denpasar for supporting this program, and of course, our amazing team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic educators, who have been visiting schools five to six days per week! Please donate to BAWA to keep this essential program going in the coming year.


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The Mount Agung volcano is still erupting, and BAWA still has a lot of homeless animals up there surviving with your help and donations. BAWA continues to travel to the most remote areas, providing food and medication to the animals that are out fending for themselves, left behind or with owners unable to care for them. BAWA is feeding approximately 250 animals a day around the Mount Agung volcano, and as you can imagine, this requires a considerable amount of food! In 2019 alone, you have helped BAWA to provide 39,000, life-saving meals. Please donate now to keep our daily feeding and rescue teams working throughout this disastrous time. We would like to thank IFAW for supporting this program.


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BAWA is pleased to announce the launch of our sterilization-vaccination program on the slopes of Mount Agung volcano, providing some relief for the ongoing hardship caused by earthquakes and ongoing eruptions. Our specialist surveying team goes door to door to map the current population and needs of dogs and to provide education about animal welfare and the benefits of sterilization. Spay-neutering not only reduces the number of unwanted puppies but also lessens the risk of disease: hernia, tumors and cancer, as well as aggression, roaming and the spread of rabies. BAWA aims to sterilize, and rabies vaccinate (with the assistance of the government) owned and stray dogs over the course of six months in a pilot target area to keep the population stable and healthy. However, we will endeavor to keep healthy, pure Bali dogs intact to ensure the survival of this unique breed. Our program has been met with amazing enthusiasm from the locals, who queue up with their dogs as the vet team arrives. We will also ensure that above 80% of all dogs are vaccinated against rabies since this area is near one of the red zones (positive rabies areas) in Bali, and of course, provide medical treatment as needed. We thank Dogs Trust Worldwide for supporting this program, and the BAWA spay/neuter team for all their dedication to improving the future for animals and people in Bali! We also continue to run our spay-neuter program in other parts of Bali, funded by your donations.






Every day BAWA is called to rescue animals that are in desperate need of help. Pictured above are Gek (Top) and Dudung – two recent cruelty cases involving monkeys that BAWA was alerted to. Both Gek and Dudung had been living amongst filth in tiny cages for most of their life. Fortunately, in these cases, BAWA was able to negotiate for their release. Gek and Dudung were both rescued and taken to a temporary foster home to begin their rehabilitation.
This is Gek and Dudung now – rescued just one week apart, they’ve formed a unique friendship and even bonded with a rescued baby Macaque – “Re Re”. Their rehabilitation is going well, and it’s a miracle that they are healthy and exhibiting normal behaviors. This is just one example of the many monkey cruelty cases that BAWA deal with. Throughout Bali, mother Macaque’s are being killed so that their babies can be snatched and sold. They are taken from their natural habitat and forced to live an isolated life often caged, chained and abused. BAWA’s field team are out investigating all reports that are received and negotiating with the owners for better welfare standards. Only through education and advocacy can we put an end to the unnecessary suffering. Your donations allow us to rescue abused monkeys and give them a chance of a healthier, more natural life. BAWA would like to say a huge thank you to Lynne at Pantara Bali for fostering our rescued monkeys.



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These photos were taken less than two months apart. When the BAWA ambulance picked up Hero, she was cowering underneath a car, shielding herself from the hot sun. She was extremely dehydrated, had a blood parasite, Demodex, scabies and a severe bacterial infection. Just seven weeks later, Hero is in perfect health and has found her forever home! This is just one example of the many animals that BAWA rescue and rehabilitate every single day. Will you please help us help animals like Hero?




So far this year, BAWA has successfully adopted out 228 rescued animals to loving homes. Special care is taken to ensure each and every animal finds their perfect forever-family. Every home is assessed by our team, and the adopters are educated on how to care for their new family member. We thank all of you that have adopted, but we still have hundreds of animals in need of loving homes. All of these animals need medicating, feeding and socializing until they can be adopted. We rely solely on your help to be able to look after all of these adorable animals. If you want to help lighten the load, then please consider adopting. If you can’t adopt, then please foster. If you can’t adopt or foster then, please donate towards tje vaccines, medicine and food for these animals.


We thank you all for supporting BAWA and enabling us to save lives; we couldn’t do it without you. Your donations really do save lives. Warmest Regards From, Janice Girardi, and all of us at Bali Animal Welfare Association.