Compassion In Action

24/7 Hotline and Ambulance

BAWA runs a 24/7 Emergency Hotline and Animal
Ambulance receiving 50+ calls for help each day. This
service is available for anyone in the community to
contact for advice and assistance for animals in distress.


In Bali, animals in need are often considered someone else’s problem…

"Cheaper to Buy a New One."

"Not Worth The Trouble."

"Too Difficult To Handle."


There are myriad reasons why an innocent animal
might end up in need of help, but for so many, there is
only one way they will get it.

The BAWA Ambulance is on the frontline in the fight against animal suffering in Bali.

Manned by a team of fully-trained specialist veterinary staff, the BAWA Ambulance treats animals on the streets, beaches, forests, and fields all across the island with nowhere else to turn for help.

We deal with anything from mange, severe illnesses and deadly viruses, and deep, infected wounds, to poisoning, traffic accidents, broken bones, life-threatening tumours, even entire litters of abandoned newborn puppies and kittens.

Our Ambulance Team provides advice and education, roadside assistance, on-the-spot medication, and ongoing treatment plans. Wherever safe to do so, animals are left in their villages and monitored by a local caregiver, with follow-up visits coordinated by the Ambulance Team throughout their recovery.

Some animals require repeat visits from the Ambulance Team until they are fully healed, including those suffering from advanced cases of skin disease, or transmissible venereal tumours (TVT) which require several weekly rounds of chemotherapy.

Many cases can be dealt with on location, but others require intensive, round-the-clock care, specialised treatment, or major surgery. Animals in extreme conditions or dangerous locations are rescued and brought into the safety of a BAWA facility, or an external clinic where BAWA funds their medical care.

Occasionally, our hotline receives emergency calls more extreme than even our Ambulance Team can handle. This is where our on-call, after hours, expertly trained Emergency Response Team shines.

Most importantly, by providing the Balinese community with options to seek help for animals in need, we are carving out space for compassion and empathy for animals to grow, and helping to inspire caring communities that will no longer turn a blind eye to suffering.


This vital, life-saving service is the only one of its kind in Bali. Make a donation today to ensure helpless animals have someone to turn to in their time of need.

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