Posted on June 29, 2015

BAWA congratulates Cherry Virginia and Agung Muliana who are equal winners in our 2015 Design Contest. And we thank our many, many entrants from around Indonesia and elsewhere for their amazing skills and design work. We wish you could all be winners!


THE KINTAMANI DOG by Cherry Virginia 



The Design: Inspired by the pure Kintamani dog with decoration inspired by traditional Balinese costumes for women. “I wanted to infuse both Bali and a Bali dog into an artwork with a twist of my own wicked style that is contemporary and edgy to show that Bali dogs are elegant and beautiful.”

Comment: Our judges believe Cherry achieved her objective and BAWA will use her design to promote its major campaign to SAVE BALI’S HERITAGE DOG.

The Designer: Cherry has studied design in Shanghai and London and has worked in Shanghai and Jakarta. She lives in Jakarta with her two dogs and loves travel, books and movies.



THE GREEN TURTLE by Agung Muliana



The Design: Inspired by the plight of the protected Green Turtle which is at risk of extinction. “Every year thousands of Green Turtles are netted and drowned by fishermen. Uncontrolled development pollutes beaches that are very important breeding grounds for the Green Turtle. Food sources such as coral reefs are dwindling due to damage by humans … and now the Green Turtle population is endangered.”

Comment: Our judges believe Agung’s design depicts the terrible burden inflicted on the Green Turtle by man. BAWA will use his design to promote its RESPONSIBLE TOURISM campaign and to encourage overall respect for animals.

The Designer: Agung studied in Yogyakarta and works at a museum. He likes drawing, painting, arts and music.