Bali’s Only Free Ambulance

Your Chance to Help Save Lives

Many animals suffer every day on Bali’s streets. Sick, injured and abused, they have nowhere to go and no one to help them. Disregarded and abandoned, they are frail, frightened, hungry and hurting.

BAWA operates the island’s ONLY free ambulance service – bringing relief and help to the helpless with veterinary care, food, compassion and opportunities for homes of their own.

We receive dozens of SOS calls every day to help animals in distress. We respond around-the-clock. Many animals would die without our help. Now we need YOUR HELP to keep Bali’s only 24/7 free animal ambulance on the road, saving lives all day every day.

Without this service, the animals would be left to suffer on the streets, at risk of abuse, pain and neglect. We offer them a LIFELINE. We promote a more compassionate attitude towards animals. We offer a voice to the voiceless. Because they matter!

Thanks to supporters like YOU, thousands of animals have been saved. But many more still need help and a lot of TLC to restore their faith in humans. None of this can happen without you. They need YOUR HELP to survive.



Look at the difference YOUR SUPPORT can make … many more animals like Cookie NEED YOU too.


Bali’s ONLY FREE ANIMAL AMBULANCE rushed to rescue Cookie who was being brutally attacked with a wooden plank. At the clinic, vets were horrified at the extent of damage to Cookie’s eye and had to remove it. One of Bali’s many street animals, Cookie had no owner to save her and fund her surgery.


Every day we rescue animals from sickness, injury, neglect, cruelty and abuse.

Every month it costs $3500 to fund our specialist response teams, equipment, medicines and to run the vehicle. That’s $42,000 a year and we need YOUR HELP to meet costs of $21,000 for the next 6 months.


BAWA’s 24/7 free ambulance service is the ONLY HOPE for so many Bali animals in distress. Please help keep our emergency rescue teams on the road. WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP. Every donation helps save a life. PLEASE HELP SAVE LIVES TODAY.

NOTE: If you choose to support this campaign by donating via our website or by using options other than Indiegogo, please specify “Ambulance Campaign.”



Thank you.