Vet Care for Bali’s Animals

Daniel the Bali dog


Vet Care for Bali’s Animals

Please Help Save Lives at Risk

Animals suffer every day on the streets, beaches and in the villages of Bali. Sick and injured, they desperately need BAWA’s veterinary services to survive. Rejected and neglected, they are frail, frightened, hungry and hurting.

BAWA responds 24/7 to emergency calls to bring relief to the helpless with food, on-the-spot vet treatment, vet clinic care and a place in our safe and loving foster homes while we source permanent homes for our rescued animals.

Responding to dozens of SOS calls every day to help animals in distress has drained our resources. Now we need YOUR HELP to fund our essential vet services so we can keep saving innocent lives all day, every day.


Thanks to supporters like YOU, thousands of animals have been saved. But many more still need BAWA’s veterinary services to restore their health and faith in humans. Right now, they need YOUR HELP to survive and get a new chance at life.


Look at the difference YOUR SUPPORT can make … many more animals like Spirit NEED YOU too.



Spirit was so sick and neglected when BAWA rescued her from the roadside. Her skin was in a terrible condition but the sweet-natured little dog needed only vet treatment and loving care to be transformed.

Spirit was probably tragically dumped, helpless and far from home, just for being sick. BAWA’s vet services ended her terrible ordeal and made her healthy and ready for a loving home. In this season of giving and goodwill, please help animals like Spirit. Please help us help the helpless.


Every day we provide veterinary treatment and care to save animals from sickness, injury, neglect, cruelty and abuse. Every month it costs $10,000 to fund our specialist veterinary staff plus vet clinic and foster homes. That’s $120,000 a year and we need YOUR HELP to meet costs of $20,000 for the next 2 months.


BAWA’s 24/7 vet services are the ONLY HOPE for so many Bali animals in distress. Please help keep our vet services operating. WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP. Every donation helps save a life. PLEASE HELP SAVE LIVES TODAY.

NOTE: If you choose to support this campaign by donating via our website or by using options other than Indiegogo, please specify “VET SERVICES CAMPAIGN.”



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Thank you.