Team Up With BAWA

BAWA is a small organisation whose people work hard every day to save the lives of Bali’s animals and give them a better future.

We can often use volunteer expertise on specific projects and sometimes to support our daily work.  Some areas in which specialist skills are welcome are graphic design and product design, photography and filmmaking, writing, social media projects, IT and data base development, fundraising, sponsorships, event management and administration.


Volunteering in Bali

BAWA uses trained specialists to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Bali’s animals in need. We do not usually offer many volunteer positions for people to work directly with animals. Anyone coming into contact with animals in Bali is advised to have anti-rabies vaccinations.

BAWA sometimes invites volunteers to assist with programs such as street feeding, but we must first see your rabies vaccination certificates.

If you have professional skills such as those listed above, please email us at info@balianimalwelfare.com


Overseas volunteers

You can help a lot from home, especially by raising awareness of BAWA and by fundraising or coordinating donations of supplies. For more information please visit our Fundraising page or our Facebook page.


Volunteer Veterinarians

BAWA warmly welcomes visiting veterinarians. However, the Indonesian government has strict regulations that prohibit international veterinarians from practicing here.

Therefore visiting vets are not permitted to perform surgical procedures or provide hands-on medical treatment to animals.

Despite these restrictions, we welcome the support of many veterinary volunteers each year who support our goals by working alongside Indonesian vets as advisers and consultants.

To find out more or to become a volunteer, contact us at info@balianimalwelfare.com.

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