Posted on August 1, 2013

Remember hearing about Hope back in June? Hope lived most of her life in a private university in Bali where she used to roam free and safe. The university students always gave her lots of attention and love. Hope was unspayed (unsterilised) and eventually gave birth to puppies on the university campus. That’s when her life turned upside down.

An attentive new mother, Hope took great care of her puppies. She tried to protect them from humans who went into her territory and some people misconstrued this behaviour as aggressive. And that’s when a stranger approached Hope and beat her nearly to death.

One of the university students contacted BAWA and we brought Hope and her puppies into our clinic. Hope was in a terrible condition.

Her left eye had popped out and she was battered and bruised. We had to perform surgery to remove her damaged eye. Hope was still nursing her puppies and our staff and volunteers monitored her day and night.

She survived this ordeal and successfully weaned all her puppies. A beautiful protective mother, Hope not only raised her own pups but also became a foster mum to orphaned puppies.

Hope taught us many things – most importantly the qualities of forgiveness and unconditional love that dogs are capable of.

If you live in Bali please consider making room in your home and heart for Hope– she will make a very special friend for life!