Posted on August 18, 2014

Owning a breed dog is extremely trendy in Indonesia but every day we see that as soon as these dogs get sick, injured or don’t look perfect anymore, their owners want nothing to do with them.

BAWA filmmaker Adithio Noviello spotted this beautiful husky searching for food by the side of a busy road in Denpasar.

He was horrified to find the dog was wearing a harness that had stuck to his skin. His eyes were full of dirt and infection and his skin was in a terrible state.  He had a very large tumour on his leg and was very, very thin.

We found the owner who said he had taken the dog away from the house and discarded him that morning, but the dog had found his way back to the only home he had ever known, despite being so badly neglected there.

The BAWA ambulance took the dog to a clinic where he received treatment including the removal of his tumour. Sadly the pathology results were not good news as the tumour is a mass cell carcinoma, which is malignant.

In spite of this prognosis Peter was wonderful to offer his home and love and care to Ijo, for as long as he has to live.

Thank you so much Peter for taking care of Ijo and giving him health, happiness and a normal life in a very loving home where the rest of the canine family are treated like royalty, enjoying runs on beaches and in rice fields, love and special care.

Animals, just because they are expensive, must not be regarded as status symbols. Without proper nutrition, vaccinations, care and love, any animal will become sick.

BAWA believes that education on the proper care for animals is the best way forward. Our education teams work tirelessly in public schools and communities every day.

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