Posted on October 14, 2013

Bali Animal Welfare Association founder Janice Girardi today confirmed BAWA’s ongoing support for Bali animals.

Suspended operation of BAWA’s animal clinic and emergency rescue ambulance earlier this month has caused widespread concern for the island’s animals among Balinese and foreigners on the island and internationally.

BAWA maintains its charity registration No AHU-4940.AH.01.04 (based on AKTA No 108 of 2007, Indonesia; and AKTA No 29 of 2009, Bali) and continues to deliver free island-wide education and advocacy programs for the long-term improvement of animal health and welfare and for disease control in Bali.

“We are in discussion with government authorities to clarify matters that have led to the suspension of our clinic and ambulance service and hope matters can be resolved quickly for the health and safety of the Balinese community, tourists and animals,” said Girardi.

“We have always enjoyed an exemplary working relationship with previous Animal Husbandry authorities and we hope to resume excellent relations with new provincial and Gianyar officials and with the Gianyar Mayor.”

Officially In Bali since 2007, BAWA has provided free animal health services which have sterilised 13,400 cats and dogs, rabies vaccinated more than 280,000 cats and dogs, provided medical treatment for

50,000 animals and rescued hundreds of animals including monkeys, deer, birds and dolphins.

Before its closure, the Ubud clinic’s team of 17 registered and licenced veterinarians along with 35 vet nurses and assistants helped more than 100 animals every day. Balinese people make up 60 percent of the 30 to 40 calls a day to the 24/7 BAWA hotline that responds to all emergencies island-wide, free.

BAWA also runs a street feeding/medication program to help more than 130 dogs on the roadsides every day

“We are receiving overwhelming support from the Balinese, expatriate and international communities,” said Girardi.

“Recent events have left many people confused and concerned about where to turn for help. We encourage everyone to keep calling our 24/7 emergency hotline. We will continue to help – while, where and how we can.”

BAWA’s animal welfare and disease prevention education programs continue to run in schools and villages. Advocacy against cruelty including poisoning, shooting of dogs (RW), the dog meat trade, Pit Bull fighting and inhumane chaining and caging of animals remains strong. Call BAWA’s 0811 389 004 hotline for free guidance. Go to to learn more.