Posted on March 14, 2014

Bapak (Mr) Sudana was taking his gambelan (traditional musical instrument) to temple when he noticed a dog in a gutter. After temple he prodded the dog with a stick and of course got a defensive response.

He moved on to a second temple where he kept thinking about the dog. He thought it probably had been hit by a car. He couldn’t get the dog out of his mind, and as he took his dinner at the temple he saved some food for the dog.

He returned to the gutter to see the very sad dog appealing to him with its eyes for help. He gently approached the dog, which unexpectedly lay its head on Pak Sudana’s hand … and won his heart.

The dog became Blacky and Pak Sudana carried him home, cleaned him, covered him with a blanket and called BAWA. It was late at night and several vets were consulted by phone while we rushed there to provide pain relief for Blacky.

Next, a careful examination found no muscle inflammation and no broken bones – but no movement in the back legs.

Although Blacky was severely disabled and could not walk at all, Pak Sudana refused to consider euthanising his new dog and cried with compassion for his crippled condition. We left medicine and advice to make Blacky comfortable and pain-free while Pak Sudana cared for the dog and hoped for his full recovery.

Sometimes in these situations dogs recover; sometimes not.  Pak Sudan was made aware of that and still wanted to keep Blacky with him.  We made the decision that there was no better situation for Blacky and that he would be more comfortable in a loving home rather than in a clinic.

The next day Pak Sudana’s son reported that Blacky was eating well and showing some movement where before there had been none. BAWA specialists are in daily contact and report that Blacky is becoming more active.

BAWA will continue to monitor and support. We are doing all we can to encourage Blacky’s full recovery. Our visits, treatments and advice to Pak Sudana are entirely funded by your very kind donations.

Please help us save and rehabilitate Blacky and other animals in distress by donating here.  Please consider if you can manage a monthly donation.

Thank you so much. And thank you Pak Sudana for your kindness and compassion. Blacky is so very fortunate to be in your care. We will do everything we possibly can.

Camera 360 The story of Blacky and Bapak Sudana shows how animals, especially those in trouble, can bring out the very best in people. It is a story of a man who didn’t like dogs yet was compelled to rescue one that would have died in pain in a street gutter.