Posted on April 25, 2014

Braun came to us at the BAWA shop on Monkey Forest Road in November last year. As you can see from the photos, he had been badly neglected and was extremely thin and hIS skin was in an awful condition. He also had an injured back leg, which he doesn’t really use, but has no trouble getting around.

Just a couple of days after he arrived, he became terribly sick with distemper and was rushed to Sunset Vet where he fought hard and became one of a small percentage of dogs that recover from the horrible virus.

Braun is now a lovely affectionate dog with a mischievous personality. He will always have a slight twitch and the enamel on his teeth is pitted as a result of the distemper, but he is a young strong dog.

Braun now needs a new home where he will receive lots of love from someone willing to watch over him and monitor his existing conditions, take him to the vet as necessary and keep him on a good quality diet to make sure he gets stronger and stronger.

Braun has been through an awful lot in the past few months, but he is a fighter and deserves a great home. If you think that home could be yours, please contact