Posted on January 29, 2015

While we are still investigating the full extent of the cowardly and despicable slaying this week of Kuta Beach dogs, recently sterilised and vaccinated by BAWA, we bring you a heartbreaking report from a person who had spent much of his time caring for the beach dogs. The dogs were accepted by visitors, who were in tears, and traders at the beach who are in shock after the bashing (see previous post) and killings.

We can confirm that the beach’s population of dogs disappeared overnight. Beach boys and others tell us the dogs were killed by SATGAS (government taskforce) officers at 3am yesterday morning. Yesterday we found only one mother dog at the beach.


REPORT from KUTA BEACH: Marky is gone and at least two others … all tagged with my phone number and with new collars.  Five to 20 more could be dead. The likely grave sites are still very fresh and are practically under our bar. How’s that for respect?

Three people tell me that police did not threaten to kill the dogs or give a deadline on the loudspeaker. They just said don’t bring your dogs to the beach. They just wanted to kill our little pack and all the rest. They gave us no opportunity to move them.

Right now I feeling uncontrollable grief … I feel totally raped and deceived by officials. I am gutted now mainly because of Marky. I know he’s gone but I will probably have to see him come out of the ground.

Working with BAWA to catch and help Marky was one of the most rewarding and genuinely good things I’ve done in my life. BAWA paid his hospital bills for 12 days. We spend months showing him kindness and helping him get along with the other Bali dogs on the beach.

From petting his head you could tell his skull was dented from an attack with a blunt object, forcing the eye out of its socket. He survived that beating only to be killed later by officials.

We had fattened him up and restored his trust in humans, and in an instant he was systematically executed by a specially trained team without warning in a covert 3am operation with as few witnesses as possible.

To see his turnaround to a point where he would lick people’s hands and make so many friends on the beach … Every time I fed him he jumped and licked my neck. People at his warung and the operator said they loved him.  He’s the main reason they chose to spend time at that beach and that warung. And now he’s in a shallow grave.

KUTA Beach Marky 2

Marky …Bashed, Rescued, Rehabilitated, Loved and SLAIN


Kuta Beach 28 January 2015 … no dogs


Kuta Beach 28 January … the one dog BAWA could find near the beach