Posted on May 8, 2013

We often hear the question ‘how can I help when I get home?’ from wonderful people who want to support our work.

Fundraising at home is a great way to support BAWA and raise much needed funds to help animals in Bali. In fact, there’s plenty of ways you can support BAWA at home!

The more people who can fundraise for BAWA at home, the more animals we can help.

This is exactly what BAWA supporter Desi did when preparing for her holiday in Bali. Desi took a look at ways to support BAWA and in just three short weeks she raised Rp 13,000,000.00 (about $1,300!) after gaining support from family, friends and local businesses.

There’s so many ways you can support animals in Bali – all from your own home!


Raise money when you get home by running an event or activity. It doesn’t have to be complicated – from asking local businesses to fundraising at school, our fundraisers pack includes lots of advice and ideas to help you. Click here to download our Fundraisers Pack!


Bring essential supplies next time you visit Bali, or send with a friend! From towels to dog food, if you can get hold of it, we can use it! You can find our latest Wishlist  HERE and more advice in our Fundraisers Pack


Could you or your friends volunteer at our clinic? Volunteering is fun, rewarding and helps rehabilitate animals at BAWA’s clinic. Find out more here or email

If you have any questions about fundraising for BAWA please get in touch and were happy to help. We can also supply materials and posters to help you on your way!