Posted on October 25, 2013

When BAWA came across a family of true animal-lovers living at a trash dump, their story pulled at our heartstrings and inspired us to help them and the discarded animals they love and care for.

BAWA director Janice Girardi had noticed dogs scavenging at a new trash dump. She stopped to feed them, to find the caretaker of the dump and to let workers know that BAWA would take and care for puppies and kittens thrown away at the site.

Then, a little girl named Ika emerged from one of the makeshift huts in which people live at the dump.  Snuggling a cat into her body, Ika shyly edged forward to watch Janice feeding the dogs.  Ika, 7, lives at the dump with her Mum Maria, Dad Eka who manages the site and baby sister Salfi.

Janice left food for Ika’s cat Lupus, began weekly visits and ensured Ika started school in a brand new and pretty pink dress, attended a playgroup and received all the care she needed for her much-loved

Lupus. Now, Pak Eka and Ibu Maria care for discarded animals at the dump until BAWA arrives.

When Janice visited last week, however, she found that the little family had taken another 5 cats into their makeshift home.  BAWA arranged a vet to treat the cats and left formula for the small kittens and food for the adults, relieving the burden on a family who loves and cares for animals despite its own struggles. BAWA will sterilise the cats and, if Ika allows, find good homes for them.

While Ika and her parents may lack in material things, they have an inspiring abundance of genuine love and goodness to share with Bali’s sadly rejected animals.  BAWA thanks everyone for their donations. Our funds often help families like this one – families who really love and care for their animals but cannot afford treatment that BAWA provides free.