Posted on July 3, 2014

On behalf of all Bali dog lovers, we thank Animal Husbandry officers who embarked on a dog elimination mission in the 4 banjars of Gianyar’s Singapadu Tengah village for changing their strategy from eliminate to vaccinate in response to community sentiment.

The officers were scheduled to eliminate stray dogs in the village from 8am on Monday 30 June. Any suggestion that BAWA warnings to the public about the scheduled elimination were inaccurate is incorrect.

Banjar leaders were advised in writing on 23 June that elimination was scheduled. The formal letter of advice was signed by the Singapadu Tengah government leader (perbekel) and was titled: Jadwal Eliminasi Anjing Liar, or: Elimination Schedule for Wild Dogs.

The official letter was issued at the request of UPT (Technical Implementation Unit) District Livestock Office in Sukawati. In it, the perbekel asked banjar leaders to broadcast the information so villagers
could confine their dogs to avoid elimination.

BAWA worked in the banjars for days prior to the scheduled elimination to ensure village dogs were safe.  When Animal Husbandry officers arrived on 30 June, there were few stray dogs and villagers were not welcoming.  In response, the officers offered to vaccinate rather than eliminate any dogs that they netted.

We give these officers credit for correctly assessing the situation and adjusting their tactics accordingly. Nevertheless, we are told that all regency Animal Husbandry offices have been advised that it is now okay to kill stray dogs in accordance with an announcement last week by the Governor. Often, eliminations are done during scheduled anti-rabies vaccination activities.

We urge all communities to find out when government is scheduled to vaccinate in your area. Please let BAWA know and please keep your dogs safe. To help our teams help communities keep their dogs safe, please DONATE at or on this page.