Posted on March 14, 2014

While BAWA is best known for its work with the indigenous Bali dog, we are dedicated to the rescue and protection of all animals.

When we received a call from Valentina in Sanur about a monkey in a very small, broken cage in Canggu – a monkey that the owners were going to throw away or kill because they were building more villas on the property – we sent a BAWA team member to investigate.

Thankfully, the monkey was physically healthy. But he was obviously unhappy and very much in need of a larger cage with room to move and exercise. And we needed to save his life by quickly moving him to a new location.

BAWA was able to find a family in Singaraja to adopt the monkey and thanks to Valentina’s kind donation a beautiful big cage was built and fitted with ropes and swings for Jeni to play on.

We realise that moving a monkey from a tiny cage to a much larger cage is not ideal, but monkeys born in captivity here can’t be released in to the forests so usually arranging a better confined environment is our only option.

A few weeks ago Jeni’s family got in touch to say they were very worried that Jeni had escaped from his cage, but that he was still on the property.

Over time it became apparent that Jeni was happy to be free but had no desire to wander far from the family compound. His food and water is still left in his cage and he is free to come and go as he pleases … which he does.

Jeni has formed a strong bond with the family’s 6 year-old son and they are now the best of friends.

Just like humans, animals have feelings and are so much happier and healthier when treated with respect and compassion.

BAWA is in schools and villages every day, teaching children and communities how to properly keep and care for their animals. BAWA is also working with lawyers and lawmakers in Jakarta to upgrade Indonesian animal welfare laws and to encourage law enforcement.

To support these programs that are so important to the future of animals in Bali, please consider joining Friends of BAWA by making a monthly donation. Monthly and single donations can be made at www.bawabali.com. Finding a suitable, happy and loving home for this monkey took one staff member about a month of work including driving long distances, often daily.

Thank you.