Posted on December 6, 2013

Meet Ibu Novel, a mother of four who moved from Surabaya to Bali for a better life. She and her husband live with their four teenagers in a small rented room in Denpasar where they take in tailoring work to make a living.

They have a rescued dog named Bonnie, who is treated like one of the family and even sleeps in the family bed. Ibu Novel has also been giving time and effort to care for a street dog she named Sally, and Sally’s three puppies.

Ibu’s life is not an easy one, yet she has a compassionate nature so strong that she can’t bear to see dogs suffering needlessly.

However, recently a neighbor complained to Ibu’s landlord about Sally and the landlord decided she should be shot. When Ibu Novel was told she went into panic mode and tried desperately to find a new home for Sally and her puppies. Her last resort was a text message to BAWA reading: “Is there any shelter for street dog in Bali?”

When BAWA arrived at Ibu Novel’s home we decided to move Sally and her puppies but, unfortunately scared and without Ibu for comfort, Sally ran away leaving her puppies behind.

Without her own transport, Ibu Novel searched for Sally in a taxi and, with a lot of persistence and perhaps a bit of luck, she found her.  Ibu refused to be reimbursed for the taxi fare, saying it didn’t matter about the money as long as Sally and her puppies were safe.

Sally and the puppies were back home, but the landlord’s threat was still looming.

Ibu went to him to beg for more time and was allowed to keep Sally until Monday, but if she wasn’t gone then, she would be shot.

Thankfully Sally is now in a safe place and BAWA is trying to find a home for her. Ibu Novel is so very upset that Sally can’t live with them anymore but says she will visit her as often as can.

Ibu Novel, with help from Bonnie, was still caring for Sally’s puppies. Now the gorgeous little puppies urgently need foster homes in which they can get all the love and attention needed to make them happy, strong and ready for adoption.

In the meantime, BAWA is helping Ibu Novel to do what she loves best – caring for Bali’s animals in need. BAWA helps many people like Ibu Novel and her family with medicine, treatment and food to keep their much-loved animals healthy and happy.  If you’d like to help, please consider joining Friends of BAWA or go to  https://bawabali.com/please-donate.htm.

Since closure by government order of BAWA’s animal clinic, we are working harder than ever to find safe places for the sick, injured & orphaned animals that we rescue every day. We desperately need good foster homes for gorgeous little puppies like Sally’s – homes where they can get the love and care needed to make them happy and healthy for adoption.

If you’d like to foster a beautiful BAWA puppy and prepare it for a life of love, please email info@balianimalwelfare.com or call us 24/7 on 0811-389-004.