Posted on April 25, 2014

TEMPO.CO, Surabaya – World-class wildlife and zoo experts have finally been asked to help solve the ongoing problems at Surabaya Zoo (KBS). The Consul General of the United States, Joaquin Monserrate, said the group of zoo and animal experts have years of experience in handling and maintaining zoos in Singapore, North Carolina, San Diego, South Africa, the Middle East, Iraq, and India.

“The decision to choose these people is not arbitrary. Their reputation is guaranteed, for example David Jones has led the North Carolina Zoo since 1994, and has a won series of accolades for his work there.” said Joaquin in Surabaya City Hall on Monday, March 10, 2014.

Jones is the former chairman of one of the oldest conservation organizations in the world, Fauna and Flora International. He also heads the World Wildlife Fund conservation agency in the UK. Throughout his career in the field of conservation Jones has been a consultant in more than 50 countries. Jones is actively involved in the design, development, and management of 30 zoos around the globe. “The experts are purely consultants, not businessmen,” said the diplomat who served as U.S. Deputy Consul General in Surabaya from 2000 to 2002.

The mayor of the city, Tri Rismaharini, welcomes this exciting news. Risma is ready to communicate the plan to instigate further cooperation. “The Surabaya Zoo is in need of a lot of input from experts. This initiative is a way we are showing our concern and attention to the zoo,” said Risma. Risma hopes the team of the experts can soon visit Surabaya. Incidentally, next week he will hold a seminar to discuss the situation at the zoo. “We hope the team can come during the seminar so they can be invited directly to review the conditions of the zoo.”

The director of the Corporate Regional Animal Park of the Surabaya Zoo, Ratna Achjuningrum, said as the first step of cooperation, the management team is ready to share data on nursing, health management, maintenance management, and staffing.

According to Ratna, wildlife conservation organizations are flocking to offer assistance to the Surabaya Zoo and most of the organizations are from overseas.For example is cee4life, an Australian organization which wants to give a hand on the maintenance of large carnivores and the Australia Zoo, which is keen to assist in the training of elephant nursing.


Australia Zoo, which is keen to assist in the training of elephant nursing.

According to the Surabaya Government Head of Cooperation, Ifron Hady, the cooperation will be established in the form of assessment. The world experts will assess, evaluate, and provide reference for the development of the zoo. The hope is, said Ifon, that the directors will receive valuable feedback that will certainly be very useful for the zoo.