Posted on February 7, 2013

BAWA are pleased to announce an addition to our ambulance programme – Lily’s Motorbike Ambulance! The new quick response motorbike is now on the road and will save countless lives of animals in Bali.

The motorbike ambulance has been funded by dog loving Australian supporters Georgia Sakrzewski and Sydney-based company The Interview Group. Both had recently lost their beloved dogs and wanted to help, having witnessed the plight of street dogs in Bali.

Georgia, who paid for the costs to buy the ambulance explained why she wanted to do it;

“Five years ago, I adopted a neglected puppy, Lily. She grew into a loving and wildly mischievous dog. When she died recently under tragic circumstances, I wanted to do something special to honour her memory.’

‘I have long admired BAWA’s work, and when I discovered that they needed a donated motorbike ambulance to expand their rescue services, I couldn’t think of a more perfect tribute to Lily. Knowing that many animals will be helped through the act of honouring Lily has provided me with unexpected peace and joy. To anyone experiencing a dark time, I would highly recommend performing an act

of kindness as a way to bring light to yourself and the world around you.’

BAWA corporate supporters The Interview Group have kindly provided funds fund the operational costs for the life saving bike and also have a special reason for wanting to help. The Interview Group’s founders Matt Ma & Lenorë Lambert recently lost their beautiful boy, Buddy Brown, and wanted to remember him in a special way.

‘He was a rescue dog when we got him but ended up having a wonderful life, just like many of the dogs that BAWA helps. He had been confiscated from his previous owner for neglect, so it’s kind of fitting that we support a service that rescues other dogs.’

Both Lily and Buddy Brown’s legacy will live on through the motorbike ambulance, providing an emergency response that will save the lives of many animals.

Our work is only possible with the kind donations from BAWA supporters. If you can help support our work by giving a monthly or single donation, please visit our donate page here: