Posted on January 28, 2015

Lola's Bali Puppy 4

Lola’s Story

“My lovely Bali puppy was so small when she was dumped outside my house that she could barely keep her eyes open. “Oh no!” I thought. This was not the first time this had happened, and every time I had called BAWA to come to my rescue.

“Without fail, the amazing BAWA team would arrive and make everything OK for that dog … and for me. I was comforted knowing that puppy or dog was now protected and being cared for by those who are the best in their field of helping the island’s tens of thousands of animals in desperate need.

“But where do all these puppies, dogs and other animals go? BAWA deals with up to 100 calls every day from locals and tourists asking for help for animals that are cruelly caged and chained, sick and injured, abused and scared … And while the problems are endless, the resources aren’t.

“I decided to keep my Bali puppy. She is now nearly 5 months old and brings endless joy and laughter into my family’s life. As a true Bali dog, she is smart and playful and thinks she is a lot bigger than she is when she tries to protect our home from birds and flies and other possible intruders!

“We love our Bali dog and wish that everyone would give one a home.

“The BAWA team works tirelessly to help the island’s animals, but everyone has a role to play. Please always ADOPT a dog and never buy from unscrupulous breeders. And please, please DONATE now so that BAWA’s life-saving work can continue.

“For the price of a couple of Bintangs at the beach or coffees at the local café, you really will help save lives.

“SAVE A LIFE NOW at www.bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/ ”

Lola's Bali Puppy 3