Posted on December 16, 2014


Cok De Piko, his nickname from the name Tjokorda Gde Dharma Putra Sukawati, is an Ubud Royal with a truly noble heart. A Prince within the highly-esteemed Ubud Royal Family, Cok De Piko recently met BAWA to talk about his enduring love for dogs – and particularly for Bali’s very special indigenous dog.

Cok De shared stories of how dogs had influenced his life from an early age and of how their behavior makes him regard them truly as man’s best friend.  Whenever Cok De is having a bad day, his dogs are there to make sure he is not alone.




In Australia to complete his studies, he struggled to stop himself from adopting a dog, knowing that having to leave the dog in Australia after becoming attached to it would break his heart.

“There’s this unexplainable bond between human and dogs that you’ll need to experience for yourself, then it will be easy to understand,” he said.

Cok De simply adores Bali dogs for their amazing loyalty to their owners, for their unique status in dogdom and for their genetic strength. Some scientists believe the Bali dog is the oldest known to man and the most genetically pure.

BAWA is very pleased to welcome Cok De Piko to our community of staff and supporters around the world, as an Ambassador for BAWA and animal welfare in Bali. Cok De intends to become involved in BAWA activities including mass sterilisations and other community service and fundraising events.

So, keep a watchful eye. Wherever BAWA is working you might find an Ubud Prince helping out!


Cok De’s  favourite quote from Mark Twain is: “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

BAWA thanks Cok De Piko for his kind heart and for becoming a BAWA Ambassador to support our work to save and protect Bali’s animals, now and in the future. It’s a partnership to treasure.