Posted on July 25, 2014

BAWA is excited to announce that up-and-coming garage rock band Deep Sea Explorers are now our newest partners.

Deep Sea Explorers have been rocking some of the hottest music venues in Bali including Straw Hut, Single Fin and Mantra and, despite being just a couple of years old, have a massive following.

The band formed in 2012 and, after a few changes in the lineup, now boasts the talents of Arya Waworuntu as singer/songwriter, Hendro Tri Septiando on bass, Palel Atmoko on percussion and Momo Wewengkang on lead guitar.

Their influences come from all over the musical spectrum from Blues, Rock & Roll and Garage Rock to Psychedelic and Punk but Arya says the band is constantly evolving and finding new sounds.

We recently met with the animal-loving lead singer, who said he and the other 3 members of the band have been wanting to do something to help animals in Bali for some time, so promoting BAWA on social media and at live gigs is an extension of the principles behind their music.

Check their Facebook page for upcoming gigs and go along, hear some amazing music, get on the dance floor and support BAWA too!