Posted on April 25, 2014

A few days ago I was feeding dogs on the way to the office and a local Balinese came to talk to me. He said he had 4 puppies at his house that he was planning to throw away that day. He explained that the mother was too skinny and the puppies had starting to chew things.

I followed him to the family compound and found a very skinny mother dog doing her best to feed 6 (not four) puppies. As often happens in Bali the Balinese will throw away the female puppies and keep the males; it’s their affordable answer to birth control.

We fed the mother dog and gave a bit to the puppies as well to start getting them used to human handling. The children had no idea how to hold or handle puppies so we spent time explaining to them how puppies are like human babies and why they need food, love, proper care and handling. We tried to tell the father to tell his children not to carry a 4 week old kitten by the leg or tail. Ouch.

There is a long way to go in Balinese villages to educate people in proper animal care. Even families that understand about proper food and do give water to their dogs (rare here) may not understand that it is important for dogs to have socialisation and exercise rather than being kept on a chain their whole lives.

We have so much work to do and can only make progress with your support. We have now been back to the house three times in the last few days, and have promised to sterilise the mother dog next week and to help find homes for all the puppies…males and females.

Thank you for your support,