Posted on May 17, 2014

BAWA rushed to the aid of this poor soul after receiving a call from Ary who was making her way to work when she saw someone brutally attacking him with a piece of wood. The cruel attack caused such irreparable damage to the dog’s eye that vets at Sunset Vet decided the only course of action was to remove the eye. However, Ari, who is named after his rescuer, is extremely lucky to be alive. We believe Ari was an unwanted stray in the Denpasar area of Jalan Gunung Batukaru and, for that reason alone, some despicable human being thought it was okay to beat him half to death. That is not okay. Cruelty such as this IS against the law and offenders can and should be punished.

BAWA campaigns hard for strengthened laws to protect Indonesia’s animals, for harsher penalties and better law enforcement. Please consider donating to our advocacy program. Without enforceable laws it is almost impossible to stop cruelty like this.

To be able to prosecute offenders, the police need evidence so if you see an act of brutality to an animal, please take photographs if at all possible and report details to BAWA immediately on 0812-384-0133 or 081 138 9004 or at

To help fund Ari’s surgery and recovery, to help keep our ambulance responding to many calls of injured and abused animals, or to support BAWA’s program to reform Indonesia’s animal welfare laws, please DONATE.

Together we can make Bali a better place for animals, residents and visitors.

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BAWA thanks its partner the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for its veterinary advice on Ari and we thank Sunset Vet for performing the surgery.