Posted on June 23, 2014

Yulin in China has been in the international spotlight over past days as protestors attempted to stop the city’s annual dog meat festival. Each June on the day of the summer solstice locals eat dog meat served with lychees and strong grain liquor, which they believe brings health and good luck.

Although the festival wasn’t shut down this year reports say it was much more subdued than in past years when up to 10,000 dogs were slaughtered for the enjoyment of people who say the tradition dates back hundreds of years and is their right.

Hopefully with continued pressure from Chinese and international animal rights activists, the festival will go the same way as the similar Zhejiang festival that was banned in 2011.

The dog meat trade is cruel, unlawful, unregulated and unsanitary. It is dangerous not only for dogs, but for the people who slaughter and eat them.

The Yulin story is running on CNN News today, making dog meat an international issue and causing a global outcry.

In Bali alone, BAWA estimates 100,000 dogs are brutally slaughtered each year for consumption. Bali should take the lead to halt the horrific and barbaric trade on the island.

BAWA’s two years of investigative research (see link below) has identified 70 dog meat restaurants on the island and we know there are at least 30 more, especially in the north-west regions of Buleleng and Jembrana.

Please continue to report all dog meat activities to BAWA on 0811-389-004 and Please help us stop dog meat. Please DONATE at

In Indonesia, we appeal to people to Don’t Eat Dogs: JANGAN MAKAN ANJING.

PETITION –To help shut down Yulin’s dog meat festival, sign at

BAWA is a partner in Indonesia’s Dogs Are Not Food campaign. Jakarta Post report:


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