Posted on August 30, 2013

Koko was found by BAWA’s friend Lulu in March, at Echo Beach, Canggu. Koko had a terrible skin condition and had been abused beyond belief by the people in his community.

Lulu had witnessed Koko being kicked, beaten and shot at with air rifles. He was covered in abscesses and sores. People just did not want to see him or have him around their homes – because of the way he looked and smelled.

He lived in fear of everyone.

We rescued Koko and took him to our clinic. We kept Koko dry, warm, fed and gave him medicine for his condition. Best of all, he was free from harm. Koko was scared of everyone when he arrived at BAWA, but as the weeks pass

he slowly became friendlier.

After lots of love and care from our clinic staff and volunteers, Koko finally made a full recovery. His fur grew back, the smell went away and his tumour got better.

Best of all, we found Koko a home and a best friend – Ibu Made who simply fell in love with Koko. Ibu tells us Koko is now having the time of his life, spending his days in a great big garden with Ibu’s many other dogs.

We’re so happy to be part of Koko’s recovery. We are very grateful to people like Ibu Made who give dogs like Koko a second chance. Most of all, we want to thank BAWA’s supporters for their donations and kind words. If it wasn’t for you, Koko may not have made it to see this day.

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