BAWA’s Advocacy & Lobbying Work

Many of our programmes provide a response to animal cruelty and suffering in Bali. But preventing it from happening in the first place is our ultimate goal.

Along with our Adoption & Education program , our advocacy and lobbying work is helping to change attitudes towards animal welfare, step by step. Whether it is seen as tradition, religion or a lack of understanding, much suffering is caused by humans.

We are challenging attitudes from local to international level. Through working with individuals, communities, institutions and the government, we are slowly helping to change attitudes. Our work includes seminars, lectures and lobbying for new laws.


Advocacy and Lobbying Impact

Our work in advocacy and lobbying has the potential to drastically improve animal welfare in Bali. We have seen the power of advocacy before, during 2008’s rabies epidemic in Bali. After proving immunization as the most effective method of control, the island-wide cull was cancelled.

Our ongoing work includes lectures and seminars, as well as producing films and educating on animal welfare. We are working with the government and police to implement new laws and standards in animal welfare.

With Program Dharma we were able to work with the Perbekel (Village Head) of Sanur Kaja village to develop the first-ever village regulation in Indonesia to completely forbid the sale and consumption of dog meat, poisoning dogs, discarding dogs and general cruelty.

On October 7th, 2018, Denpasar’s Deputy Mayor IGN Jaya Negara represented Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Mantra in formally launching this pioneering regulation. This was huge news for Bali and Indonesia, as these village-level regulations are enforceable and sustainable. We hope that this first village regulation will be the stepping stone for villages in Bali and beyond to follow with their own regulations.

07 oktober 2018 Perdes Sanur Kaja_58


Support Advocacy & Lobbying

Donations towards our advocacy work are will help us to work at all levels to end animal suffering and cruelty in Bali. Please consider making a donation to support this work.

We are also looking for expertise in legal work to help us understand, interpret and lobby for enforceable animal welfare laws and legislation in Bali. If you have the legal expertise to assist please contact us here.


Educating children, families and communities in Animal Welfare

Community Education

We believe prevention is better than the cure. That’s why we educate people in animal welfare – to stop cruelty before it happens. Animal welfare in Bali is not widely recognised, resulting in tens of thousands of cruelty cases every year.

Going into schools and communities, we teach people animal welfare – helping them to learn compassion for animals and end cruelty.

Our approach focuses on working with communities over a long period of time. Working with schools, families and community leaders, we are slowly helping to bring about a long term change in attitude towards animals.


Community Education Impact

Our education team are teaching in schools 5 days a week. It’s not only schools though. We focus efforts on specific communities, helping animal welfare education to become part of standard criteria.

We have seen this working in the communities BAWA currently focuses on – people living in harmony with animals. BAWA are now gaining more requests from neighbouring communities.

Whilst much of the benefits of this programme can be seen, the real impact will be seen years into the future, when the next generation will stand up for animals instead of abusing them.


Support Community Education

Expanding our education program is a key objective. We know by doing this, we can reach more people and create a more compassionate way of living within Bali.

Donations will help BAWA to continue and expand this work so we can educate more people and improve attitudes towards animals for good. Funds are also required for staff, materials and equipment.

Please donate to help us continue to run our Community Education program.