This section is currently under revision.

BAWA’s advocacy program is a huge part of our work and our long-term vision, striving for enforceable animal welfare laws national-wide, provincially and at a village level to protect animals and enforce consequences for offenders.

The National law (KUHP / criminal code) is being revised under the new national parliament. For several years, BAWA has been working with a legal team on recommendations and laws, which have been presented to parliament and returned to us for revision several times, making this a very long and slow process.

As a result, this section is temporarily on hold, but we will update you as soon as we have any news on its progress.

In the meantime, we continue working on local regulations in Bali. We are pleased to announce that alongside BAWA’s Program Dharma, Desa Jagapati in Badung has just passed a PerDes (village law) prohibiting poisoning, the dog meat trade in its entirety and any activities linked to the dog meat trade, as well as all other forms of cruelty to dogs. This same village law has already in place in Sanur Kaja since 2019.

BAWA’s advocacy team has installed banners outlining punishable crimes against animals in areas where such crimes have been known to take place. By publicizing these laws and their associated consequences, BAWA hopes to deter offenders and reduce the incidence of cruelty towards animals.
It is only through your donations that we can have a legal team that can fight for the welfare and rights of animals in Bali.