Mount Agung Volcano

In September 2017, BAWA mobilized an emergency rescue effort for the Mt Agung volcano crisis, rescuing hundreds of animals found in the evacuated villages. Shelters were set up outside the danger zones to keep dogs safe until they could be returned to their owners.


Now, over a year on and we continue our rescue work on the slopes. Most families have been able to return home, but as people have barely enough to feed themselves, let alone their dogs and cats, BAWA rotates through the villages providing food, fresh water and medical treatment for over 250 animals each day.


Lombok Earthquakes

In August of 2018, earthquakes devastated the north-northwest side of Lombok. BAWA travelled through the hardest hit areas of the island for months, rescuing animals from destroyed buildings, rushing the severely injured to vet clinics, feeding starving animals and providing medical treatment for all.


Sulawesi Earthquakes and Tsunami

The BAWA teams spent over a month in Sulawesi, where a series of devastating earthquakes and a tsunami destroyed whole villages and left 200,000 people living in evacuee centres. BAWA mobilized a team to provide food and medical supplies to rescue as many animals as possible. Bringing the animals that survived, where their owners and homes did not, into safety. BAWA helped set up the rehabilitation centre which included installing a new water system and training local staff to run the centre.