BAWA Education Programme in Schools

BAWA’s teachers are currently in elementary schools in Denpasar and Badung five days a week. Our interactive lessons strive to cultivate compassion in the students so that the next generation will have empathy for all living beings. Lesson content includes the five freedoms, the basic needs of dogs and dog welfare, how to be safe around dogs and what to do if you do get bitten.


The team not only reached but exceeded our target for the 2018-19 academic year. This means that since July 2018, more than 100,000 public school students aged 7 to 12 have learned how to love and care for dogs, and how to keep themselves and their communities safer from dog bites and the spread of rabies in our informative and fun lessons. These students are our future and we really believe education is the only way to improve things long terms for dogs and communities in Bali.


This program is partly funded by Dogs Trust Worldwide, please donate to BAWA to keep this essential program going forward in the coming year.