Rescue and Rehabilitation

Finding Happy Homes for Rehabilitated Animals

Once we have rescued, treated and helped an animal to recover, our challenge is find and settle the animal into a permanent home. Our animal adoption team works very hard to match 60 rehabilitated animals every month with suitable humans in loving homes.

The adoption team works closely with our education team which is in schools and communities every day teaching proper care of animals and changing mind-sets to bring sustainable change for the better.

We are always in real need of foster homes, often for helpless little creatures that need short-term special care and attention while we find their permanent homes. BAWA does not support animal shelters which may be crowded and havens for disease.

We are always seeking adoptive homes for the many animals we rescue every day that deserve better lives.

Foster or Adopt from BAWA: Please contact or (+62) 811-389-004 if you have a place in your heart and home to foster or adopt an animal in need. And please consider donating to support our animal adoption program. Every animal that is adopted is one that has not died and is out of danger.

Post It for BAWA: We are asking BAWA supporter in Bali to put up our regular Adoption Posters which feature just some of our beautiful animals in need of homes. Click HERE to download the latest posters. Great places for Adoption Posters are cafes, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and any high traffic area.