Through Spay / Neuter Sterilisation

BAWA supports humane management of Bali’s cat and dog populations to achieve levels at which all dogs and cats can be adequately fed and cared for, free from suffering. Many unwanted Bali dogs are poisoned, shot, abused, left without food and water or are dumped and left to die. Many end up with malnutrition and disease or injury and suffer painful deaths. BAWA supports spay / neuter sterilisation for 60-70% of dogs in an area. BAWA views culling, mainly through poisoning and shooting in Bali, as cruel, unnecessary and harmful to wider immunity. BAWA offers free spay / neuter services in which all sterilised animals are vaccinated and treated against disease. Importantly, this process increases the population of immunised animals and reduces prevalence of disease such as rabies. Help Keep it Humane: Our humane population control or sterilisation program is heavily supported by Bali Street Dogs Fund (Australia), but we always need help with the program, which is quite expensive. To negate the need in some minds for painful poisonings and shooting, please donate for humane population control.