Smart & Funny: That’s Our Dog

“So if you’re in the market for a dog, why not choose the breed with the oldest and strongest genetic heritage, best adapted to the local climate, a terrific guard dog and a smart, funny companion – the Bali Dog. To adopt a Bali Dog or if you see an injured dog on the street, call BAWA at 0811389004.”

Thank you Ibu Kat for this great advice and your instructive insight published in the Bali Advertiser and then in Ubud Now and Then. Ibu Kat’s article supports BAWA’s drive to save and protect the very special Bali dog now and for the future.

“This tiny island [Bali] is the only home of one of the world’s most treasured repositories of DNA, contained within the skin of a humble animal that is so much part of our landscape as to be invisible.”

Read Ibu Cat’s engaging article on the Bali dog at:

Read In Celebration of the Bali Dog – by Ibu Kat | Ubud Now & Then

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The Bali dog is special to history, culture and science. Today it is threatened with extinction by mass culling, interbreeding, the terrible dog meat trade and other cruelty.

BAWA rescues, treats and finds homes for Bali dogs every day. We teach children and communities to love and respect this very important and my bali dog18

PLEASE support our work to SAVE THE BALI DOG. Please DONATE TODAY at Thank you. We really do need all help possible.

PHOTOS on this page from the  series “Aku dan Anjing Baliku” (Me and my Bali Dog) by Adithio Noviello which show Balinese people sharing precious moments with their beloved Bali dogs. These are images that visitors to Bali rarely get the opportunity to see.

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