Dog Meat

The Ghastly Truth about Dog Meat in Bali

Every year, nearly 3.8 million tourists visit the beautiful island of Bali. Many of them visit attractions and participate in activities that fuel immense animal suffering. When holidaying in Bali, please choose the places you visit and support with caution.
The cruel and brutal dog meat trade in Bali is one of the biggest threats to the welfare and survival of the island’s beautiful indigenous dog. BAWA investigations have revealed that up to 100,000 unwanted and stolen dogs are traded and slaughtered on the island each year for consumption in dog meat (“RW”) restaurants.



Five Facts about Dog Meat in Bali

  • Every year up to 100,000 dogs endure immense and unimaginable suffering to supply the island’s estimated 100 dog meat (“RW”) restaurants. The dogs are treated with brutality and cruelty throughout the process – from sourcing and transport to slaughter.
  • Dog meat is regarded as a delicacy, often consumed for its perceived medicinal properties and by those who see eating dog meat as a sign of toughness or regard it as an ‘extreme food’, often consumed with beer.
  • In reality, the dog meat trade poses serious risks to human health.
  • The trade involves large-scale, illegal movement of dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status between regencies, provinces and islands which can disrupt herd immunity to rabies achieved through mass vaccination programs.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has explicitly highlighted the trade in dogs for human consumption as a contributing factor to the spread of rabies in Indonesia, and scientists have warned that islands will never successfully control and eliminate rabies unless the trade in dogs ends.



What You Can Do

  • DON’T buy dog meat or eat in restaurants selling dog meat
  • WRITE to your Indonesian Embassy calling for a ban on the slaughter and consumption of dogs
  • REPORT to BAWA any warungs (local restaurants) you see advertising dog meat (“RW”) or people stealing or killing dogs for RW
  • GET EVIDENCE. Take photos or short films, especially of animals being transported or killed. While eating dog meat is not yet illegal, cruelty is and this may include how the dogs are killed. If you see dogs being dragged behind motorbikes please record license numbers, locations and as many details as possible. Report to BAWA.


BAWA is working to end the dog meat trade in Bali by highlighting the inherent cruelty of the trade and the associated human health risks.