Dropped, Hurt & Under Stress

Every year, nearly 3.8 million tourists visit the beautiful island of Bali. Many of them visit attractions and participate in activities that fuel immense animal suffering. When holidaying in Bali, please choose the places you visit and support with caution.
In Bali, several facilities promote their ‘turtle conservation programs’, encouraging tourists to support the conservation of the majestic ocean creatures. Some facilities are run in conjunction with and are supported by reputable conservation organisations. Others are profit-driven businesses, operating at the expense of animal welfare.

Sadly, at some facilities turtles are housed in small, dirty tanks with staff encouraging tourists to handle the animals and have their photos taken with them. Frequent, unskilled handling risks the turtles being dropped and injured, and causes immense stress to the animals. Handling animals and keeping them in small tanks is contrary to any real attempts to release them into the wild.

Some facilities, such as ‘Turtle Island’ which is just a short boat ride from Tanjung Benoa at Nusa Dua, also keep other animals which are exploited as photo props and housed in small, barren cages, with little regard for their welfare or even most basic needs.

Inadequate laws in Indonesia give very little if any protection to animals such as turtles in inhumane confinement.


What You Can Do

  • Please DON’T PAY for their misery! Many facilities are funded by the tourist dollar. If you truly love and respect animals, please do not visit facilities that confine wildlife and harm animals. Before visiting any facility housing wildlife, please check its credentials.
  • NEVER have your photo taken with a wild animal being exploited as a “photo-prop.”
  • DON’T use tour operators who promote unregulated wildlife-holding facilities.
  • REPORT any cases of abuse you witness to BAWA and tour operators.
  • GET EVIDENCE. Take photos or short films of animal abuse.


BAWA does not support facilities that keep wild animals in captivity for commercial gain. Keeping wildlife in captivity for food production or entertainment is unacceptable.