Wildlife In Captivity: Zoos

Every year, nearly 3.8 million tourists visit the beautiful island of Bali. Many of them visit attractions and participate in activities that fuel immense animal suffering. When holidaying in Bali, please choose the places you visit and support with caution.
Hundreds of wild animals are kept in captivity in zoos and other facilities in Bali for entertainment. Many live in the most appalling conditions; suffering physically and psychologically. Many zoos operate as commercial enterprises, buying, selling and breeding animals, often without consideration for the individual animal’s welfare.

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The Reality of Life in Captivity

  • Animals often live in small barren, cramped conditions with no space or materials to behave naturally. And they cannot avoid the constant public gaze.
  • Social animals, such as elephants and primates, are often housed in social isolation, in groups smaller than the average group size in the wild, or in unnatural groupings. This causes immense, constant distress.
  • Many zoos and safari parks continue to source animals from the wild, encouraging the illegal trade in wildlife
  • No Photos Please! Many zoos continue to exploit animals as photo props. Many people don’t realise that these animals are usually taken from their mothers, abused and discarded when they are less ‘cute’.
  • Inadequate regulations in Indonesia give little protection for animals at these facilities.

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What You Can Do

You can make a difference. In Bali, most zoos and safari parks are part of tourist driven businesses. Please don’t pay for the animals’ suffering.

  • NEVER visit attractions with animal shows or performances
  • NEVER have your photo taken with a wild animal being exploited as a photo-prop
  • DON’T stay in resorts or hotels that have captive wildlife
  • WRITE to your local Indonesian embassy calling for the strengthening and enforcement of laws to protect the welfare of wild animals in zoos and safari parks
  • REPORT cases of animal abuse to BAWA and tour operators
  • GET EVIDENCE. Take photos or short films of animal abuse

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BAWA does not support facilities that keep wild animals in captivity for commercial gain. Keeping wildlife in captivity for entertainment is unacceptable.