Sustainable Change


Rescuing animals from lives of suffering is a never-ending
task. Our ultimate goal is to find long-term, law-backed
solutions to prevent such neglect, mistreatment, and cruelty
before it occurs.

With a current lack of enforceable laws to protect animals, our Legal Advocacy
Team works with lawyers and lawmakers in Indonesia to review the existing laws
and regulations that apply to animal welfare and identify weaknesses.

We draft recommendations for new laws that will provide better protections for
both wild and domestic animals, and enforce harsher punishments for those who
mistreat and abuse animals.

A Kinder Future Is Within Reach…

We need your help to speak out on behalf of the animals, and tell the people in charge how you feel about the issues that matter.

Backyard Breeders

The hidden realm of backyard breeder is one of the darkest parts of Balinese society, and with the demand for fashionable, designer, imported dog breeds on the rise, the atrocious suffering caused by this cruel industry continues unchecked. 

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The Bali Dog

The Bali Heritage Dog is believed to be one of the most ancient genetic dog lineages still in existence. This unique, beautiful, and scientifically significant breed is at dire risk of extinction due. Help us gain recognition and protection for this cultural and historical icon of Bali.

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Responsible Tourism

Many Bali businesses and attractions geared towards tourists profit from the exploitation of animals by forcing them into miserable, unnatural lives. The choices you make as a visitor in Bali have the power to prolong or prevent their suffering.

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Chaining & Caging

Many dog owners in Bali still adhere to the cruel practice of caging or chaining their pets, often without access to food, water, or bedding, and at the mercy of heavy rains or blazing direct sunlight.

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Dog Meat Trade

The cruel and brutal dog meat trade in Bali is one of the biggest threats to the welfare and survival of the island’s beautiful indigenous dog. As many as 100,000 street dogs AND family pets are poisoned, shot, or brutally beaten, and slaughtered for consumption each year. 

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With our voices loud and united, together we can drive real, actionable change for the future.