Street Feeding

Giving Life to Bali Dogs

BAWA supplies nutritionally balanced meals to hundreds of street dogs every day. Most of the dogs we feed have no other source of food. They rely on BAWA to prevent hunger, lethargy, illness and worse. We treat these dogs for parasites and sometimes horrific cases of demodex, scabies and for deep wounds and infections.

We also deliver dog food to our foster homes and to poor people around the island who love their dogs but have trouble paying for their food. Many of these people have very big hearts and very small incomes. So we help them to ensure that Bali’s indigenous dogs – and others that may have been heartlessly abandoned – don’t go hungry.
So many of Bali’s dogs are starving, sick and injured. Thousands of them live off the streets and have no regular food, water or shelter. They have no medication and may be shunned and abused.

Help Stop the Hunger & Pain: To feed and medicate one street dog for a month costs around $15 or 50 cents per dog per day. To help 200 dogs a month costs $3000. Please consider making a monthly donation.