dog street feeding

Compassion In Action

Street Feeding

On the streets and beaches, in marketplaces, temples, and remote villages of Bali,
countless animals struggle through the days without a regular food source to rely on.
Our teams travel hours to distribute over a thousand meals a day.

dog street feeding

Often street dogs have only the scraps they find in the garbage to get through each day. Even owned animals struggle, as many local families have very big hearts but very small incomes, and can’t afford to feed their pets. We hand out meals directly to the animals, and support local families with extra food provisions to ensure that their pets, community animals, and Bali's indigenous dogs don’t go hungry.

dog street feeding

A one-stop-shop for animal health and welfare, our street feeding teams are stocked with basic medicines to treat internal parasites and common skin conditions, and equipped with rescue gear in case of seriously ill or injured animals.

BAWA street feeding

Our teams know their feeding routes like the back of their hands. They know where to find the largest groups of hungry dogs, and where the mother dogs keep their pups hidden. They know the shy ones too scared to approach, and the cheeky ones who try to take more than their fair share. The animals know them too, and when they hear our vehicles approach, they come running.

dog street feeding

Our aim is not to simply ‘fix’ the problem of animal hunger, but to empower communities to be part of the solution by becoming invested and involved in the health and welfare of the animals in their communities.

Learning by example, children in villages watch our Street Feeding teams at work, and begin to develop a sense of pride and responsibility in caring for their own pets, and compassion for other living beings.

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