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Save Lives With Us

Get your paws dirty!

With hundreds of animals in our care, it is a huge team
effort to ensure their needs are met - from cuddles and
kisses to daily walks, we need all the helping hands
(and feet) we can get!


Our Volunteers Are Essential To Our Animals’ Healing

All the animals under our care come from rescue situations, and many have never known a loving touch, or anything other than a lonely life on the streets. As a volunteer with BAWA, you will be helping to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our rescued animals, and helping to prepare them for adoption and a new life.

Volunteering at BAWA ranges from tiring and dirty work exercising the dogs, to the most touching moments building trust and confidence in shy and nervous animals, to heart-warming cuddles and entertaining playtime with puppies.

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Volunteering at BAWA must have been the most rewarding time of my life. Being close to these sweet little souls and seeing how happy and loving they are, how they became more confident and trusting every day was so valuable. I am so very thankful for this experience and the opportunity to really make a difference in a dog's life. Everyone should try it!

Daniela, Germany


Volunteering at BAWA was one of the best decisions I ever made. Everything you do there is truly making a difference and a better life for the animals. This is shown in the amount of love you get back from them all.

I loved to be able to interact with all the animals by daily walks, sitting with the scared ones for hours and cuddling with the cats! In my 6 weeks at BAWA I learned so much, both about the animals and myself. It is hard work every day (both physically and mentally) but it is so worth it!

I will be coming back as soon as possible. I miss everything and everyone there.

Florine, Netherlands

BAWA volunteer

You will have the opportunity to bond with many beautiful rescued animals and learn their stories and personalities. With the knowledge that you are helping them on the road to a better life, volunteering is a truly rewarding experience.

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