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Compassion In Action

Rescue, Rehab, Rehome

This life-changing program provides physical and
emotional healing for sick, injured, abandoned, and
traumatised animals and offers them a second chance
at happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.

The journey begins…

Animals in need come to BAWA in many ways – rescued, surrendered, or dumped right on our doorstep.

Depending on their condition, they are then cared for in our quarantine facility or admitted to an external clinic for round-the-clock care, specialised treatment, or major surgeries.

More than just medicine

Our rescued animals receive nutritious meals, daily medicine, baths, wound care, physical therapy, and exercise to promote physical healing. Many suffer from emotional trauma too, requiring time, patience, love, and understanding to regain trust in humans. This emotional healing is facilitated through socialisation, cuddles, and playtime with our staff and volunteers.

The rehabilitation process can take from a few weeks to many years, and is accelerated by our fostering program.

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We’re in the business of happy endings

Once the animal is healthy, happy, fully vaccinated, sterilised, and socialised, our final challenge is to find and settle animals into safe, loving, and responsible forever homes.

To ensure adopters have only the best of intentions and the ability to properly care for their new pet, we perform pre-adoption interviews and house checks, and make follow-up visits to ensure the animal is adapting well in their new home.

Over 400 animals exist in our care at any given time.

Your donations support our rescued animals' every need until they find a home of their own.

Our clinic bills exceed $10,000 each month

BAWA does not have a critical care clinic of our own. We work together with reputable local clinics to provide high quality, essential life-saving care for our rescued animals, and like everyone else, we must pay their medical bills.

These expenses are entirely funded by your donations.

Choose an amount to give per month

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