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Sustainable Change

Community Education

With a lack of enforceable laws to protect animals from harm,
we work to intervene in, investigate, and resolve incidents of
animal cruelty by engaging at the community level.

Since 2011, we have run a village-based outreach and education program

designed to educate local communities on proper animal welfare and influence change from the ground up.

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This team is responsible for handling reports of intentional and unintentional animal cruelty including caged, chained, or mistreated domestic and wild animals, backyard breeders, acts of violence towards animals, theft of dogs, and any behaviour suspected to be associated with the dog meat trade.

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Through amicable and respectful communications with owners, we help to achieve better conditions for the animal through education on appropriate treatment and care, or where necessary, negotiating the release of the animal to give it a better life.

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Cases can often be resolved after repeated visits, but for more complex cases we cooperate with local village leaders and authorities to investigate and take further action.

We advocate both for the rights of the individual animal, and of animals as a whole

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Know The Law, Use The Law

There are laws in Indonesia against animal cruelty; however, they are not well-circulated and rarely enforced.

We work in cooperation with local authorities to distribute and display banners clearly listing the laws against animal abuse, poisoning, and the dog meat trade in areas where there are frequent incidents of animal cruelty.

These banners aim to deter potential offenders and empower community members to speak up in defense of animals.

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