Over 325,000 Children Reached Since 2017

Our Primary School Dog Welfare Education Program is designed to appeal to and build on children’s innate capacity for empathy, by presenting themes of compassion and care for animals in relatable, everyday scenarios.

Children then take these lessons home to their families and communities, dismantling generations-old beliefs and behaviours, and driving lasting change to stop animal cruelty before it occurs.

bawa education program
BAWA education
BAWA education

Our Education program runs five to six days a week with a team of specially trained teachers. They deliver fun, interactive, and informative classes on dog health, behaviour, and safety, helping children to understand, respect, and care for animals, as well as learn how to be safe in the midst of Bali’s rabies epidemic.

Within the child lies the fate of the future.

- Maria Montessori

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders,
lawmakers, educators, scientists, and parents.

We believe that Bali’s potential to be a safer and kinder home for animals lies in their hands - and depends entirely on what values and morals we teach them now.

Our Curriculum: The Three C’s

Inspired through stories and roleplay, learners are encouraged to put themselves in the animal’s “paws” to understand their feelings, wants, and needs.

Learners are introduced to basic animal care practices using relatable, everyday examples of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

Our curriculum on safety and dog bite prevention helps children to understand when and why a dog may behave aggressively, learn to identify the warning behaviours, and develop skills and strategies to reduce their risk of being bitten.

BAWA education

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Together we can build a more compassionate future for Bali’s animals.

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BAWA education

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