The root of all problems for animals in Bali is that there are simply too many of them.

Overpopulation of dogs and cats leads to bigger issues like puppy dumping, neglect, spread of disease, intentional cruelty – and, of course, a huge burden on already overpopulated animal rescue organisations and shelters.

By facilitating accessible sterilisation services for both stray and owned animals, we aim to end the cycle of unwanted animals being born into a world ill-equipped to care for them.

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Animal Health Days

BAWA holds Animal Health Days in villages all around Bali, operating out of community halls, garages, parking lots, even empty football fields. Locals can bring their pets, while our skilled animal handlers round up stray animals from the nearby area to be brought in for surgery and treatment. Our pop up clinics offer free sterilisation, rabies vaccination provided by the local government, and general treatment for common skin conditions and intestinal parasites.

Our team currently sterilises around 4,000 animals each year, preventing an immeasurable number of unwanted births


A red ribbon collar indicates that an animal has been vaccinated against rabies; a purple collar indicates the animal has been sterilised by BAWA.

This system allows us to track which dogs have and have not been vaccinated and sterilised, and signals to the local community that a dog is protected against rabies, and therefore not a danger to the community.

This encourages harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

The benefits of a stable population


Reduced disease transmission including rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and transmissible venereal tumours (TVT)

Dog fighting

Lower population density resulting in less territorial fighting and risk of road accidents

Dog in Box

Fewer animals born or dumped into lives of suffering on the streets

dog rabies

Maintained herd immunity to protect both animal and human populations against rabies

Stop animal abandonment

Just $25 sterilises one animal to prevent the births of countless unwanted, uncared for, and unloved puppies and kittens.

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