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IN 2022

2022 was a year of progress and successes that would not have been possible without your support and commitment. Please read on for our program highlights and achievements in 2022, and take pride in all you have been able to help us accomplish this past year.


SPAY/NEUTER = 4,035 animals sterilised and 5,128 animals treated for various health conditions through our spay/neuter program

Overpopulation of unwanted animals leads to grave issues such as neglect, disease, and animal cruelty. Animals must fend for themselves and are left to suffer, uncared for and unwanted, and this uncontrolled population contributes to the spread of viruses such as rabies. BAWA health days run six days a week island-wide, and services include spay/neuter, medical treatment, vaccinations and providing education within communities. Humane population control is the key to achieving healthy dog and cat populations that are cared for and maintained at a manageable level.

RABIES PREVENTION = 8,030 dogs vaccinated

Due to limitations stemming from the coronavirus epidemic, rabies vaccination programs were suspended, and Bali has experienced another outbreak in all regions across the island. Rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease, and vaccinating dogs is the most cost-effective and humane strategy for controlling rabies. Many dogs live outdoors in remote areas, unsocialized to human contact. Our expert teams work across the island targeting these vulnerable areas to ensure the virus does not spread amongst the animal and human population.


24/7 HOTLINE  = 18, 876 requests for help received

Our Emergency Hotline receives over fifty requests daily for help or advice about sick, injured, neglected, and abandoned animals and is often the first step in our Rescue Rehab Rehome Program.

AMBULANCE CASES = 2,383 animals treated

Our ambulance team responds to calls island-wide for suffering animals with no other means of assistance. We treat these animals or bring them into clinics for life-saving care for reasons ranging from roadside accidents, neonatal kitten and puppy abandonment, extensive tumours, and deep wounds to myiasis, among many other ailments.


VET CLINIC TREATMENTS =  429 admitted to clinics for life-saving treatments

Animals requiring specialised surgeries or intensive around-the-clock medical care are admitted to local vet clinics. BAWA works with reputable clinics to provide high-quality, essential life-saving care for our rescued animals, and like everyone else, we must pay their medical bills.

RESCUE REHAB REHOME = 556 animals admitted to BAWA shelters or placed in foster care

This life-changing program provides physical and emotional healing for sick, injured, abandoned, and traumatised animals and offers them a second chance at happy, healthy, fulfilled lives. This program is life-giving, from rescuing the animal to providing surgery or life-saving care, admission to our shelters or foster homes, and permanent adoptions.

STREET FEEDING = 130,000 meals distributed

Our street feeding program extends far beyond feeding starving animals. We include medications such as internal and external parasite treatments, wound treatments, and other medicines. As the dogs become accustomed to human kindness, it becomes easier for our teams to handle the animals for rabies vaccination and sterilisation.


Our ER team responds to animals in perilous situations and is on call 24/7. With decades of experience and training, they can respond to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and floods. They rescue animals out of life-threatening situations on an almost daily basis. From dogs and cats stuck in deep wells, river gorges, underground tunnels, inside walls, treetops and more, our heroic team goes above and beyond to save lives.



Program Dharma, supported by IFAW, FOUR PAWS International, Green School Bali, and Bali government stakeholders, is an innovative, community-based One Health initiative building healthy communities based on the principle that protecting your animals will also protect your family and neighbours. Program Dharma maps every household and animal in village homes or on streets and beaches to ensure the dogs are rabies vaccinated and healthy. One person is assigned to be responsible for their village. Program Dharma has proven effective against rabies and often results in regulations against animal cruelty, poisoning, and the dog and cat meat trade.



By attending and speaking at seminars and workshops throughout the year with Indonesian policymakers, BAWA promotes animal welfare principles that are also key to human health. Our legal Advocacy Team works with lawyers and lawmakers in Indonesia to review existing laws and recommend changes to these laws. We draft recommendations for new regulations to provide better protections for animals and enforce harsher punishments for those who mistreat and abuse animals. Rescuing animals from lives of suffering is a never-ending task. Our ultimate goal is to find long-term, law-backed solutions to prevent such neglect, mistreatment, and cruelty before it occurs.


Since 2019, in partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Karangasem Government, we have piloted a Disaster Response and Risk Reduction Program in two of Bali’s northeast villages most affected by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, and flooding – preparing these two highly disaster-prone mountain village communities for potential natural disasters.

On October 13th, 2022, International Disaster Risk Reduction (IDRR) Day, we executed an unprecedented simulated emergency response program involving community members and their animals. This simulation can prevent the recurrence of emergencies such as the 2017-2018 Mt. Agung volcanic eruption, where villagers, but sadly not their animals, were evacuated.

We hope this will serve as a comprehensive disaster plan blueprint for distribution throughout Bali.

PRIMARY SCHOOL EDUCATION = 45,000 students reached

Last but certainly not least, our Primary School Dog Welfare Education Program, supported by Dogs Trust Worldwide, was conducted online during the coronavirus epidemic and daily in public schools since July. By conducting interactive classes based on the Five Freedom principles of animal welfare, students learn that animals have needs and feelings just as they do. They receive training in valuable safety practices, such as how to avoid being bitten by a dog and appropriate measures to take if bitten. Students bring these lessons home to their families and communities, sharing their messages of animal welfare, care and compassion, and rabies prevention.

Thank you for your invaluable and continued support. Your donations and sponsorship are vital to our mission and make it possible for BAWA to continue saving lives each and every day.

Together, we have achieved a powerful legacy of change for Bali’s animals – and we will never stop fighting for them.

Only with your donations can we continue to rescue, care for, and protect animals in need in 2023.


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