24/7 Hotline & Ambulance

BAWA Is There For You

BAWA operates its emergency response Hotline around the clock. If you need advice about animal medication and care, see an animal in need of help or want to report a crime against an animal, please call our Hotline 24/7 on (+62) 811-389-004 or (+62) 812-384-0133.


Bali’s Only 24/7 Free Animal Ambulance Service
Saving Lives Every Day

BAWA’s 24/7 free animal ambulance service receives around 40 calls every day and rescues and treats more than 1000 animals in distress every year. It is our front line, our first response to emergencies, in the fight against animal suffering in Bali. Many of our rescued animals would die without our help.

BAWA ambulances will help all animals, from snakes to monkeys. Most cases are for injured, starving or mistreated Bali dogs. We rescue many tiny kittens and puppies that have been wrenched from their mothers and heartlessly thrown away to rot or become the victims of predators.

Our free animal ambulance service operates with one van and a 3-wheel motorbike. Both are manned by fully-trained specialist staff. The ambulance service rescues and treats animals in distress every day and through the night. Animals are treated roadside and are released or taken to veterinary clinics for treatment including surgery if needed, before being rehomed. BAWA funds their clinic treatment and finds homes for them.

If you find an animal in need, please call (+62) 811-389-004 or (+62) 812-384-0133. Emergency response operates 24/7.

Help Us Respond: We need your help to keep our ambulances running. Funding is needed for fuel, medicine and equipment, professional staff and vehicle maintenance. Please consider making a donation to support Bali’s only free 24/7 animal ambulance service.

We would like to upgrade our ambulance service with quick response motorbikes. If you can help, please contact us at info@balianimalwelfare.com.