Stop The Slaughter: Save Bali’s Heritage Dog


The victim of indiscriminate mass culling and the shocking dog meat trade, Bali’s unique heritage dog is under threat of extinction. Many tens of thousands of innocent dogs are brutally slaughtered every year. Their suffering is horrendous. Numbers of pure Bali dogs on the island have plunged in a decade from around 800,000 to possibly only 150,000. Hundreds of thousands were annihilated in mass cullings after the identification of rabies in Bali in 2008. Demand for dog meat is rising. And a preference for non-native pure-breed dogs is diminishing the genetic purity of the Bali dog. Only action now will save the Bali dog Please save Bali’s beautiful and unique heritage dog from extinction. Please sign BAWA’s petition calling on the Bali Government to stop the organised killing and protect this very special dog from cruelty, abuse, consumption … and extinction.

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So many, many people who live overseas – but  know and love Bali, its beaches and its beach and street dogs—have asked what they can do to protect Bali’s heritage dog and voice opposition to the Bali Government’s policy to eliminate all free-roaming dogs.

BAWA suggests writing to the Indonesian Ambassador in your home country.  We have prepared a suggested letter for you at Please address the letter to The Ambassador.

The letter is titled: PLEASE HELP STOP MASS KILLING OF BALI DOGS. It presents a clear case to VACCINATE. DO NOT ELIMINATE and it asks your Ambassador to take action to save the Bali heritage dog from carnage and extinction.

To find the name, email and other contact details of the Ambassador in your country, please use this link:

UPDATE:  BAWA has sought meetings with government and publicly proposed an internationally-proven and humane means of rabies control: VACCINATE DO NOT ELIMINATE. This humane method is INEXPENSIVE and EFFICIENT. We again ask Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika to please read the Bali Case study at the link below and to please meet BAWA and other parties to reach an acceptable SOLUTION.