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Lana, found in an area renowned for dog meat traders, must have escaped and lived for some time with this thick, deep wire embedded so deeply around her neck that it caused a horrific, deeply infected wound. It took several attempts for our expert team catcher Dewa Made to catch terrified Lana, but he was eventually able to arduously cut the wire out of her neck and fully reveal the huge cyst caused by her festering wound. It is a miracle that Lana is still alive. We can only imagine how painful this must have been for her to endure and how terrifying.

We rushed Lana to a clinic to treat her wounds and start medication to fight the deep and severe infection. Lana will have a long road to recovery due to the seriousness of her wound, but with your help she will heal and one day be able to lead the healthy, active lifestyle that every animal deserves.

We urgently need your help to pay the vet clinic bills because lovely Lana deserves a second chance at life. YOU are the difference between life and death for dogs like Lana. Without you, there is no hope. Will you donate now to fund the vital medical care that she needs?

We need to continue our tireless efforts to advocate and push through regulations against the dog meat trade. The cruel and brutal dog meat trade is one of the biggest threats to the lives of dogs in Bali, and to the very survival of the island’s beautiful indigenous Heritage Bali Dogs which are on the verge of extinction. Each year, many thousands of street dogs and family pets alike are poisoned, shot, or brutally beaten then snatched and slaughtered for consumption.

Only with your donations can we stop this cruelty. Donate now to stop thousands of dogs like Lana from being tortured.

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