Posted on April 24, 2014

The Kuta beach-seller called us in a panic. He had been told that local authorities would cull any free roaming dogs on the beach very early the next morning. The dogs included a momma dog and her 2 (now grown) puppies that he had been feeding since they were born in a public toilet near his stall.

BAWA responded to this terrible threat by organising to immediately meet local authorities to begin negotiations.  We were very surprised to see the dogs were healthy, vaccinated, loved, fed and had already been sterilised by BAWA.  We could not understand why authorities would want them off the beach so badly.

But after two days of failed negotiations, the authorities were still adamant that if the dogs were not moved they would be killed.

It’s not easy to re-home cute little fluffy puppies let alone 4 adult dogs … we called everyone we knew to help and finally we found a safe house, but it is costing BAWA quite a bit of money each day to house the dogs.

Luckily one dog is already adopted and we think we have found homes for the other 3. But we still feel sad that these dogs can’t run free and healthy on Kuta beach, which is their home.

Eventually other dogs will claim the territory, more puppies will be

dumped on the beaches, and these new dogs and puppies won’t then have been sterilised or vaccinated.

Of course education is the key. BAWA educates in schools and communities against cruelty to animals such as dumping new kittens and puppies.  We work with local communities, security guards at hotels and beaches, and do everything we can to teach the importance of Bali’s heritage dog and why vaccinated and sterilised dogs should not be killed.

Our signature education program in Gianyar banjars is an important pilot project conducted with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).  The successful program is creating communities of healthy, well cared for Bali dogs and people who practice international principals of animal welfare.

We educate and advocate against inhumanity to animals and campaign for updated Indonesian animal laws and their enforcement.

Education is so vital to sustainable change that will save the lives of Bali’s animals and give them a humane future. If you would like to support our important education programs, please consider making a monthly or single donation on this page. Education truly is the key. Please DONATE for a better future.

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