Posted on December 21, 2013

Many Balinese families keep dogs and treat them well, but it’s a bit special to find a home with 5 dogs that are all in prime health and are showered daily with love and affection.

We came across this family in Banjar Tegal Binging – Desa Mas, Ubud. Each of their 5 dogs has come to them with a different story and each is cared for by the whole family.

Dogie, the family’s oldest dog, has been with them for years. He was hit by a motorcycle about 3 months ago and could not move one of his legs. With compassion well beyond her 14 years, daughter Dewi massaged Dogie’s leg morning and night for 2 weeks until Dogie could walk normally again.

Dewi also rescued the family’s youngest dog Chiko when she found him dumped on the street. Everyday Dewi fed Chiko by bottle and now at about 5 months old he is a fat, healthy puppy.

The other two puppies the family took in were given to them by a friend who didn’t want them. Nunung and Andre both needed treatment for skin conditions but after time in a loving household they are beautiful, healthy puppies.

Last but not least is Bobo. Dewi’s brother Eka took Bobo home when her foster moved guesthouses and Bobo was not allowed to come along.

She is a beautiful, calm and obedient dog who now sleeps with Dewi and demands hugs through the night.

To show his love for all 5 dogs, Eka wants to make beds for each of them.He doesn’t have enough money for the materials yet, but we’ll help him out and you can too if you wish. Dewi, a true animal lover just like her grandma (pictured), says the rescued puppies brighten the family’s days.

Together with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), BAWA is working in and with communities in Gianyar to achieve sustainable improvements to attitudes and behaviours towards animals – especially dogs.

BAWA Director Janice Girardi said: “It is always challenging to achieve real change, especially when it may conflict with age-old practice and mind-set.  So we really are very heartenedwhen we come across Balinese people, like this wonderful family, who are independently rescuing, caring for and loving animals in need.”

BAWA helps many Balinese families and communities to properly care for their animals. And our education teams are in schools and villages daily, teaching proper care and respect for animals.If you would like to support these programs, please join Friends of BAWA or make a donation at Thank you.